The Heath Methodist Church Policy 2015 - 16

The Heath Methodist Church is situated on Vista Road, Runcorn.  We belong to the Runcorn Methodist Circuit.  At present our Minister is the Superintendent and also has pastoral charge of Wicksten Drive.  As God’s people we seek to respond to the love of Christ through our Worship, Learning, Caring, Service and Evangelism. 

Our policy in Worship is to:

·         Embrace opportunities to grow in faith and try different things/changes

·         Encourage participation in worship by individuals and Church groups

·         Encourage JC to join together with the congregation on a regular basis as one people of God

·         Explore how we can develop a flexible worship area

·        Recognise that we have a variety of ages at the Heath and to celebrate the importance of every person as part of God’s family     through worship and learning

·         Produce ways to aid our prayer life

Our policy in Learning and Caring is:

·         To be welcoming to all people within Church and within community

·         To provide mutual support, love and care to all people

·         To continue to provide opportunity for God’s people to meet together to learn and grow through fellowship and study groups

·         To begin a new fellowship group – Bible, Coffee and Me!

Our policy in Service is:

·         Outreach to those who use the Heath by continuing the groups that target all ages throughout the week

·         To explore how to connect with the community groups who use the Church premises

·         Finding additional opportunities to support vulnerable and lonely people

·         To continue to support charitable work

Our policy in Evangelism is:

·         To explore how we can reflect the love of God to the Church groups and community groups who use the Church premises

·         To continue our work with local schools through the Hope Journey, Minister visits to schools and special services at the Heath

·         To explore the development of communication, publicity and involvement with the local community

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